Wild Golden Roses

creating Skagenrosen

I did: Hosting, WordPress, Web Design, Front and Back-end Development, Woocommerce, UX

The Work

Skagenrosen is a web shop selling jewellery from Skagen, northern Denmark.

Besides being a web shop, the website needed to tell the story of how Skagenrosen was made, a solid contact page and form, and an all around easy integrated user experience.

Using the Divi theme and Woocommerce, Skagenrosen is as simple as it gets for the admin using it. The admin never needs to interact with code as the Divi theme is structured with a pagebuilder, and Woocommerce is (almost) a one-click product creation.

Skagenrosen uses Stripe and Paypal as a checkout solution and LetsEncrypt as the SSL.