Job Searching and
Project Creations

creating Worklizard

I did: Custom wordpress theme, custom Buddypress theme, custom Woocommerce theme, custom Woothemes Sensei theme, member Google Maps, front and backend.

The work

Worklizard’s first edition launched late in August, 2017, as a means for easier job searches, better overview of a “job-map” and a base for creating projects focused on members interest-points.

Instead of only having a main database search function for jobs, Worklizard tries to go beyond. The website creates a home for those who are looking to find their dreamjob. By visiting group projects focused on their own interests, the members of Worklizard can tab into interest-points and find their enthusiasm again. These group-projects are build to grow as communities, ensuring both social engagement in this field and easier guidance.

As the community grows, both members and companies have a win-win scenario. Finding a job is easier and, for companies, promoting their open jobs in niché communities becomes more accessible.