Riddles and Puzzles

Around christmas, 2015, I made an online riddle and puzzle game. It was designed towards attaining specific codes on the given page, altering the url through certain clues given, finding the right combinations to unlock the next parts, and so on.

I’ve always been interested in riddles and puzzles, exploring and unlocking ways to get to the answer is second nature to me. These days, some of the greatest puzzles and riddles come in the form of net security – of finding ways to unlock programmable flows of info. Often, net security companies and police intelligence will have some interesting challenges to go around. Most of them start off with an image with secret text inside to kickstart the challenges, where it’ll evolve afterwards with harder leads. These challenges usually interflow with pure data rather than the visual.

I’ve constructed this riddle game a bit different. I wanted the visual and the story within to be appealing, unlocking certain modules along the way. As mystery is a big part of riddle and puzzle games, I’ve taken great care of having it as a focus point. Sculpturing each lead in the game, I believe even the shadows have a story to tell.

Some of the puzzles are experimental and coded in WebGL. Because of that, only the newest browsers will give you the full experience.

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